Why Do Break Ups Occur

Why Do Break Ups Occur

A break up might come to you as a surprise particularly if you will be the person being dumped.

Relationship Issues

However, sometimes the bride and groom could have seen the twelve signs from a

while back and therefore the separation is inevitable.

How to fix a relationship with this scenario may prove difficult and it's also important therefore, to understand the causes of break ups.

Once you’ve identified these problems, it becomes necessary to evaluate if fixing the relationship is a feasible option. If it’s not, then having the reasons for breaking up will help you build a healthy relationship later on.

A few reasons for couples breaking apart are as follows:

1. Being needy: Does your partner would love you to stay back home using them

thereby preventing from going to work? When someone wants the other

person all to themselves in such a way that they get sulky and moody if

they must be somewhere else, it may get to a point that they cannot take

it anymore. Someone being too needy stifles the increase of relationship.

2. Revealing the trust. If you are a one who cannot keep their word, you

cannot take your relationship far. Every promise you break results in a loss

of trust. In case your partner cannot trust you, chances are they will not find a

reason to be with you. How to fix a partnership in this scenario involves making time to gain your partners trust.

3. Deficiency of support. Being overly critical might be costing you your

relationship. Your relationship ought to be a safe haven where your partner

can feel free to discuss her or his goals and objectives without being diluted. If you concentrate on your goals and end up forgetting your partner’s, you will not go far. How to fix a relationship on this scenario will be always come to a compromise when necessary and provide room for the other party to express their ideas and ideals.

4. Not playing them. People want to feel like they are being heard.

Not paying attention to your partner allows for misunderstandings and prevents a normal relationship from developing. It really shows that you are not attentive after they talk or you don’t feel they may be worth your time which could really hurt them.

5. Boredom. Your spouse could start feeling how the relationship offers

no challenges for them. This happens when you both start feeling like there

is nothing else to the relationship. You are feeling you know everything in regards to the

other person. These plus much more are the reasons why relationships break.

how to fix a relationship

Several suggestions on how to fix a romantic relationship when it appears everything is heading in the direction of a break up.

•    Be considerate.

•    Complement each other daily.

•    Play childish games to add fun in your lives.

•    Listen to one another.

•    Pray together often

•    Go down memory lane together

•    Give each other pet names.

•    Think hard before starting a nasty argument.

•    Accept apologies quickly.


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